seanpual123 wrote:
What type of game is this?

Don't be lazy, search for it.... :lol:

They have to dress "Renjai-Uniforms" - no duplicated color allowed

btw - welcome to the site
Commercial Compilation!! (not mine):
Seen once again recently on TV

Dogma 9/10

I love this movie - good comedy, nice plot, many stars like
Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Linda Fiorentino, Alan Rickman (Severus Snape),
Jay and Silent Bob, Salma Hayek , George Carlin, and Alanis Morissette
:o UUUUAAhhh! My new hero! I'd never seen the hidden Ninja!! :whew:
joker wrote:

2shared sux, i totally cant download from it, someone who downloaded can be so kind to send me the file in mu or mf link thnks 8)

Just started to play Age of conan hyborian adventures. Is WOW forth to try? It´s too late to start to play now? Yes its worth to try. I suggest to begin with an invite from a friend who plays wow, or you can try it for free to level 20 with the free starter edition. Just go to Blizzards site and lo...
jmaniac wrote:
I have a question: how do you add sub into the vid? thanks

Just have a look:

OMG - Hamada's hairstyle :D

I think its from Gottsu. isn't it?
Comedian Bungee (incl. Jimmy Onishi)

I watched your film and it is wonderful.
A really expressive glance to your culture. No nicknack, just a view to your live.
I suggest you to do something with movies as your profession, you really got it.
The King's Speech


Grand Cinema!
I think it would be possible to open the subfiles with an editor and then copy /paste the needed parts of file 2 to the end of prt 1. But it will end in chaos, because of wrong timing now. So you have then to edit all wrong "timestamps" to fit with your videofile. Sorry, I don't know a sof...