How can there be "closed" high schools?

Yesterday I saw pictures of the school where K-On takes place (they copied a lot of places in the anime) and it was also a closed high school.
adabo wrote:
I'll rewatch it soon.

I always thought of Titanic as "That movie that's really great and everyone is going to buy the VHS but never rewatch it" xD

Source: I watched it on the cinema and bought the VHS. Never watched it again. I remember it too much.
I'd like to see them losing the Gaasu Kurobi_____ and Suga statues and go back to just having random Suga pictures around the facilities. The 5 found those pictures funnier than a statue with Suga's face and they were more of a surprise.
That performance reminds me of something our English teacher used to show us when he wanted to have a good laugh

Thank you!!

Episode number and date for those who want it: Gaki no Tsukai #1212 (140706) - Weeping Performance Competition
Kiki Series Levan Polkka

Gracias compadre!! Vale la pena verlas de nuevo. Sabes ke sería genial tener?? Un compilado solo de bofetadas de Yama-chan de todos los batsus o todas las Tai Kick de Tanaka Por si alguna vez kieres hacer algun compilado Y que hagan un montaje musical de esos con las bofetadas, thai kick y golpes n...
I tried listening to random words or sentences and googled for "sentence 1" "sentence 2" lyrics and didn't find it.

Now I know why. Even if you look for the song lyrics knowing the title, there are no results!
Yo yo I'm MC Knudow

My friends call me Cojoknudow

I like to complain, I like batsu games

Matsumoto number one! Yeah!
Youku no va lentísimo? Las pocas veces que lo probé tardaba mucho en cargar y salían anuncios chinos xD
Just go to a torrent site like Piratebay or Kickass Torrents and look for it. There's a group called "wiki" that rips japanese movies in HD. I have Crows Explode in 720p.
My mails always started with: "Hello. God, I hate that penpal site design, don't you? Well, if you'd like, send me an email!"
It's not a dating site, but one of the language exchange websites where two or more people skype/video-call each other to learn a different language Oh, I tried a few of the penpal sites years ago, but most of the people didn't even reply and the ones that did only replied to one or two mails and t...
Did the girl in the beginning say that she met the guy on a site and they became boyfriend and girlfriend via internet and this is the first time they see each other??

I want to know the site...
I also want personalized punishers.

The last few years it's been all "black army guys". On the first batsu games seeing the punishers was like a big reveal, like the theme. And they went "wah? nani nania?" then they saw them, it was funny.