Last year I ended up with god know how many versions of the batsu game. Ads, no-ads, some-ads, 1080, 720...

This year I'll wait until they announce the base raw they are going to use before downloading anything :P
I love when I download a japanese show and they forgot to remove one or two of the ad breaks. Not all of them, that'd be horrible, but I like finding surprise-ads and seeing japanese ads. Even recognizing some faces in them.
Woah, thanks for this!

I always go for 720 videos instead of 1080, so I don't aim for the highest quality, but I do have a quality standard!

I've never watched the 24-hour tag, so this is a great opportunity for that.
I won't!!

And I don't know if I should stop visiting the forum until I watch the No laughing game.... but that would mean 4-6 months without coming here to complain about things or chat, so... :?:
Kippei-kun wrote:
i don't know if we really can extract subtitles from tv

You just have to record the show with the subtitles activated and they should be added to the .ts file as a subtitle stream.
VideogameDC wrote:
Bue from where we should extract the info? :o

Our own experiences watching GnT!
Well, it's a wiki, so just edit it and add some info! xD

The last edits have been from october or september, so it's not abandoned. Get in there and wiki it up!
We sould make a Gaki no Tsukai wiki so we can add more information and have lists of episodes and wiki pages for each GnT section (kiki, matsumoto challenges, etc)

We can use something like wikia! No money or hosting needed!
Edit the page and add it back! :(
Isn't that a recording of a tv screen? The subtitles are in the TV, right?
Buenos días.

You see!! They have subtitles!

If they record the videos with the TV subtitles then every video would have timed japanese subtitles!
Is it weird that I find the caps funnier than Hamada's wig??

Just look at Tanaka's face!
What if Matsumoto appears in this year's batsu with the silver or yellow-ish hair? They already recorded the batsu game, right? If they did, and he is mad about the hair caused by the show... maybe they (woah, I don't know what English verb to use here) "colored" his hair during the batsu...