I didn't probably notice that girl you are talking about. Someone who would be so kind and post here screenshot with her face from the batsu game ?
I don't find myself really perverted, I just want to see more of people who are making me laugh every day.
Well you don't find her cute or what? I really like japanese women and she looks really nice and acts really.. hyperactive-like and I love ladies like that. So I googled some of her pictures and.. other stuff. :)
Arlekin wrote:
Takaoka Saki

I just wanted to look at some sexy pictures with that pretty and cute face she has. Thanks. :)
Hi guys, does anyone know what was the name of that cute girl with red dress that threw from her mouth chewing gum onto Yamasaki in the bus ? Thanks !
soudou wrote:
It's from the court trial during the Teacher Batsu.

When they were in the Edo period?
Hi guys, do you have any information about Morisaki Yuki seducing against Endo? I read it in the subs in the newest batsu game, but I couldn't find any information about that, maybe you can help me ?
Thank you guys.
solari wrote:

What about No-Laughing ones?
So it is just to make the viewers laugh? It is whole comedy? I am really confused, sometimes they make videos, where the members are laughing and that makes even us laugh, but sometimes they just fake everything and I don't know what should I laugh on.
Is it fake ? He really acts too bad mannered to believe it wasn't scripted?
In Episode where Hamada cried, it was when the famous japanese celebrites were in a car, including Hamada and Matsumoto and were listening to sad stories.
There they listened to some sad songs aswell, and one of the songs was written and maybe even singed by Matsumoto. What is its name?
andylau-fr wrote:

Well the thing is, that east-placed asian country are really closed to themselevs, they are just stand-alone world. Even when they are popular, they keep making shows more for their native fans, because they don't have many opportunites to visit foreign fans.
Hi, I am for about a week now registered here, but didn't managed to introduce myself yet. So I am a boy from Czech Republic, I am watching Gaki no Tsukai from 2010 if I remember correctly and my most favourite members are Matsumoto and Yamasaki, I think they have the best type of humour for me, the...
Thanks for clearing this out for me guys!