I haven't seen the Super Spy Hunter episode and they already released another episode? :o

Thank you! You are awesome! :) :) :D
Thanks! I hope someone uploads the episode to MEGA. :)
Ap2000 wrote:
Oh, I didn't even know they did another one of these.
Thanks a lot!

Maybe it's just for me, but the aspect ratio seems wrong (4:3 instead of 16:9).
When downloading the Videofile, it's also not correct.

Have you downloaded the Dailymotion uploaded video?
They could revive the Oogiri Daigasen series or another forgotten series for a raiting boost. I don't think they're doing the Silent Library series as they could put 3 celebrities in the place of Downtown and a 6th contestant.
The first one was great, but I don't understand why they use so many guests. They are never better than when they are all of them 5 together. Maybe they feel the ''I think you like this'' series is not so popular, so that's why they use guests, specially making them a mistery until the episode airs.
Probably no one from here would notice Endo if he wasa Baseball Player than a comedian haha.

That prooved Endo was great at baseball, as there are not 7 schools approaching to you and stuff. I wonder if Downtown played baseball in their youth or they're just fans of the sport!
But HEY!HEY!HEY! just got a 20th live anniversary aired, and LINCOLN had 2 I think. It would be great if they did a Midnight Radio special based on the first one, where they all heard sad stories with bittersweet songs.
Yes, I knew he's bad at studies, specially in Math (prooven in the EDF batsu), and he does look like he is or was appasionate about Baseball. Would you imagine if he actually became a baseball player than being Tanaka's parter in Cocorico? It means that you can go through High School by just practic...
PainDesu wrote:
Thanks but Is there any Version of this withou torrent? I Dont really Like Torrent :(

There's a torrent with the high quality Batsu here. I can't remember the name of the thread tho.
I wonder why Endo hadn't got that much attention like Hamada when it comes to music.
Be sure to compare Unchan-Nanchan ages and downtown ages. They could formed in 1985, but Uchan-Nanchan can be older than Matsumoto and Hamada.

EDIT: Uncchan-Nanchan are younger than Downtown. Uncchan is a year younger while Nanchan is 2 years younger than Matsumoto and Hamada.
Anyone knows how can I merge the soft subs to the RAW video? Or converting them to Hard Subs?
Actually Matsumoto pointed out Endo used to play Baseball in the Hospital batsu.
Hi guys! Shion has subbed a new video of Gaki. Hope y'all enjoy it. :) :D