Has anyone watched this special? Which artists do appear? :talk:
Whoa. I have to keep up with these episodes. :D
My girlfriend said this was funny as the 1st one. Even the episode made it's way to YouTube already.
Is the Bigun's RAW still deffective in the sound aspect? Because I saw the softsubs only work with his RAW videos.
I'm looking for this episode in particular, it could be fun. :D
soudou wrote:
Just came across this funny clip on Youtube. :lol:

What was this show about? :D
I wonder how this will turn out. Probably something like the other ''Heipo Date'' episode from 2006.
Thanks! It amazes me that he drinks it 2-3 times a day! I would go broke in a month! Here in Poland, it is the most expensive coffee store. Big one costs 15PLN and the minimum wage is 8PLN/hour. Imagine this in UK - you pay 15 pounds for a coffee The dollar is expensive here, and going to Starbucks...
It should feel weird/bad that your work partner doesn't respect you (not even as a human being) when you respect him.

Though there were some interesting things said. Thanks for the translation.
mikkoking wrote:
Hey, first of all thanks for the effort. But is the audio out of sync, or is it just me or my media player doing tricks?

It plays normal in my case.
Thanks for the effort! I noticed Starbucks is very popular in Japan than in the U.S. :o
So I guess there won't be any more popular japanese singers/groups~ :(
I don't know who are all those artists other than Kyary and Kiss my ft 2. :P
I found this show quite interesting, because it has portions of other shows Downtown or other people featured here were featured. According to the uploader, the special is from 1999.

It makes me wonder if Housei was very popular at school in his youth. :o