Thank you, GGib! I was able to get an account for the site :)
patnam wrote:
got subtitle?

Better pray for someone to do subs as the Extra Footages usually don't have any subs whatsoever.
Johnhk wrote:
If they're going to re-launch classic series, I'm cool with that. It's been a while since Silent Library, Absolutely Tasty etc.

If they indeed re-launch some series, they might try to make it like they used to be before screwing it up. At least the 2016 Silent Library was quite fun :D
Surely it will be a quite long topic, but good thing you're uploading these episodes :)
Although I'll download a few of them. Thank you :D
Probably SA-GCCX have other things to do, hence the lack of activity lately.
Johnhk wrote:
Is this the Gaki forum or the killjoy forum? Cheer up guys !

Guess you're right, we'll have to watch the episode before being too negative :D
GGib wrote:
When I made my post, AOX had an open registration period.

Ah, gotcha. Although I wonder why they closed the open registration.
GGib didn't mention that in order to sign up in AOX you have to receive an invite from another user. :(
Well, it's been a while since I last posted :D
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has both 2010 and 2012 Damasareta Taishou specials in high quality. :wasntme:
Thank you and have a good day/evening/night. :)
Neither do I. It seems they want to do some kind of revamp for the show, but trying it to be a bit more ''classy''.

Btw I don't like the new font for the show name, I guess we'll have to watch the episode and draw our own conclusions.
Hi everyone, it's been a while since I last logged in :D
Probably this is on the wrong topic or anything, but I was wondering if someone has the most recen Kouhaku concert special (if I'm not mistaken it's the 67th one). I tried searching it without luck, so my hopes are still a bit high coming here :inlove:
Amazing! Been a while since I last watched Damasareta. Maybe I'll get the one with commercials because why not (Probably I'll end up getting the one from ErnieYoung :D ).
awsede wrote:
Yes it is a 3 hour special

Commercials are cut so runtime is 2 hours 23 min.

Ernie uploaded the previous damasareta with 2,55 GB with 2 hours 12 min runtime.
A bit big but only i could find

Understood, I'll download it later. Thank you.
awsede wrote:
Here is a link for damasareta Taisho 2016.07.25 that i have made!U4tylC6R!NKMkA3ZJVoFCNGq1OTkmrCuZAGGl2BWX3osYhSHGGtw

Hopefully it works for you

Given the file size being 3.0+ GB, is it 2 or 3 hours long?
It's nice they're reviving some old series inside the show. :)