A fun little article from a couple of weeks back on Endo's movie Busjack, which was made fun of in No Laughing Prison for its extremely poor Amazon ranking and cheap price. After the batsu game aired, the Amazon ranking shot up from 4805th to as high as 216th That's hilarious , what part was this i...
The once-a-month dokkiri thing was funny!
Thank you, Ernie! It's usually 99 who brings Nakai around Japan, but this time, it's Nakai bringing 99 around Japan! :D
Be more patient.. go rewatch the older no-laughing or other series first.
Check their status page.

Last year's translation speed was probably more an exception than the norm
Almost finished downloading that torrent! :)

On another note, former regular member Yamamoto Keiichi of Gokuraku tombo) is said to be making a comeback to the entertainment world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkLVjnzkFMs

I wonder if he'll appear on mecha-ike again...
Welcome to the forum!
Watched the 3rd jan unaired footage sp.
I didn't really laugh a lot at Jimmy's part and the female prisoners' part
I really like the sing for food part though. :)
There was a reference to this movie in the No laughing Prison game
^that link has Gurunai, which aired directly after the no-laughing game.

Ultraman Dash airs 1 Jan 2015 at 6pm Japan time, so no video out yet.
My favourite part is the finale where
everyone sang Wow War Tonight :D
Airs Japan time 18:30 till 24:30(30mins past midnight)
Japan time is GMT+9
suberanai hanashi means something like a story which never fails to make people laugh.(since suberu is comedy slang for failing to be funny/being unfunny)
I mean I'm not sure of the origin of the number
I think it's their code name from Spy batsu game. No it's not their code name, but their passwords From Wikipedia : スパイ24時のメンバー (セリフテロップの色) 第一印象 コードネーム パスワード パスワードの読み方 お仕置きを受けた回数 浜田(青■) 優秀クチビル スパイ ブサイク 723 なつみ(浜田の嫁の名前) 158回 松本(赤■) 敏腕おっさんスパイ 子煩悩 883 パパさん 186回 山崎(緑■) 脳ナシ ヘタレ スパイ 巻きグソ太郎 361 さむい 125回(タ...
I can't wait for the preview and the batsu~ :D
For those of us who do watch the preview, please do remember to spoiler tag :)