^Crazy Journey, not Johnny.
Found a vid on yt

edit: watched, and it looks like they bring in various adventurers and show the VTRs in the studio(slums, mountain with poisonous gas, North Korea)
I like how they couldn't keep in their laughter at certain parts. Also, Matsumoto's hair has grown out quite a bit. His letter was about how Hosei protected him from thugs which then made Matsumoto decide to take up muscle training, and how he regards Hosei as a younger brother. Not sure who the two...
Mecha-ike and parodies! This week had a lot of corners, which I liked. Although I didn't find the news parody about getting stuck all that funny. The Okaneya parody of talk show Miyaneya was funny, and the kabe-don batsu for Mechaginggton made me laugh. The dvd quiz with the 3 staff members is also ...
The letters are written by Hosei himself, and he wants the others to read it out as if they wrote it.

Sounds interesting
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GnT has been going on for a long time, so there are many interesting and funny episodes.

Besides GnT, I think mecha-ike is another interesting one with the rhythm games and the end-of-term tests.
I also watch gurunai occasionally(for the food and for ninety-nine) :)
Not sure if this video had been posted yet..There's Hosei, Imada, Higashino, Itao, with a few others and in the middle, DT comes in. They talk about the first few batches of the NSC(the comedian training school by Yoshimoto) and the memories they have of their younger days.
Yeah, there doesn't seem to be any audience for many of the gaki episodes in recent years...although slightly bigger scale episodes like for example, the Grand Prix series(Anger King GP, Surprised-face King GP,etc) do have audiences. There are audiences that for other shows, like Downtown DX. I've r...
I found a subbed Mechaggington video on dailymotion. It's the first mechaggington epsiode.
http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x28mxf ... -06-01_fun
I believe that idols except akb48 ep has english subs somewhere.
Spotted on youtube a few days ago:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlkRGoRHsqU

Not mechaike, but I thought I'll post here anyway
Ninety-nine in Shimura Ken's Bakatono
VideogameDC wrote:
He is from Osaka Prefecture, just like Matsumoto and Hamada.


DT's hometown Amagasaki is in Hyogo prefecture, not Osaka...
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This is from the fuji tv 27hour tv 2011. It was supposed to be a comedy skit in which one person(Okamura) is teased by everyone. Perhaps it went overboard/did not go well and many viewers thought it looked like bullying. This caused a flareup on the japanese internet at that time. I think it became ...
Looks like NTV is introducing a new drama timeslot for sunday 10.30 to 11.30pm, and the lead for the 1st drama in this slot would be TAKAHIRO.
It seems Ariyoshi's program will move to a slot elsewhere while gaki no tsukai will be pushed back to 11.30pm directly after the drama.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkbAsvSCoX4 Probs not it though but Matsumoto cries in this singing Sarai with Hamada in 94 Which episode is this extracted from? The uploader said the video is from the 1994.09.25 episode, but that's other episode, let alone this one is an special episode. 1994 gaki...
This week's wide na show brought up Yamamoto's return