I'm looking forward to this episode
In katakana, it's ノーリアクション ドラマ("no reaction drama"). Besides this 'A million basins'(2002-09-14), there are three more No reaction short dramas by Mecha-ike. These three are interconnected and titled 春よ来い ("Haruyo, koi"), though I don't think the story is related to 'A million ba...
One of the most hilarious episodes! I haven't laughed so much in a while.
Not just the Matsumoto-wrestler segment, but also the segment in the latter half on Hamada's announcing techniques.
omg...egashira... :D
Looks like a drama about the "mama-tomo" of a kindergarten, and their problems/interactions.
Tanaka is playing a minor role as a government worker.
oh my, he's so muscular :clap:
4月4日(土)よる7:57~春の3時間超スペシャル! 今回なんと15回目を迎える期末テストは 「めちゃ日本体育大学付属高等学校」。 現&元トップアスリート達が集結し、 学力テストに挑戦!スポーツ界のバカ世界新を決定! めちゃギントンにはクマムシと 8.6秒バズーカ―のリズム芸人が参戦! 安藤優子の金銭感覚にメス!?オカネ屋が徹底追及。 No mecha-ike until 4/4, where there will be a 3-hour spring special... -15th End-of-term test( the "students" are curren...
I've always liked watching the interesting interactions within a combi. :)
Is "Japanology Plus" part of this same series?
I found a "Japanology Plus" episode on Japanese comedy
I think this is a recent episode, because it has footage from 2014.
Miomio is stable so far.
Some uploaders are starting to upload on 9tsu too.
Sandaime J Soul Brothers is a subgroup of EXILE.
I've been watching this series recently on youtube!
Basically a hide and seek or a tag game. There are usually 15 to 20 players(actors, actresses, comedians, athletes, etc). The players have to run/hide from the Hunters for 1 to 2 hours while completing missions. If they manage to not get caught, they get prize money(there is also an option of giving...
OMG 99 and the two SMAP members looked so young in that 98 episode!
and that was also the first episode of the Warawazugirai-ou series of mecha-ike!(parody of Tunnels' kuwazugirai-ou series from Tunnels no minasan no okage deshita)
From the wording of the summary, this episode looks to be a compilation of embarrassing moments from the previous editions of the 'I think you like this' series.