The unseen footage/deleted scenes were hilarious!
Thankyou, Ernie! :)
At the making-of part, Hamada looked really happy that Matsumoto had come to participate in the MV :D
And I enjoyed Cocorico's and Hosei's reactions to Matsumoto's appearance in the MV :lol:
Remember there was a documentary by "Professional" on Matsumoto? Now I found out that there's also such a documentary featuring Okamura
Hi everyone!
I subbed
3 times Hamada intruded on Mecha-ike while they were filming the Yabecchi-sushi segment. :)

YT video(click on cc button for sub):

MF download: ...
greator wrote:
Does sento-chu and toso-chu show come out like once every 2 month?

Both titles air as a 2 or 3 hour special every season(around once every 3 months)
I don't think so for politics. It is rare that politics get parodied or brought into Japanese comedy... Mecha-ike tried to parody the STAP cells saga lady(they showed in preview) but got stopped before the episode aired(so the parody remain unaired). Gintama parodied the Nonomura crying guy, and it ...
^that's pretty cool!

Recently, I've been watching a lot of youtube, including Japanese youtubers. Some are interesting, some are funny, some are just outrageous. Great for listening practice if you're studying Japanese.
Filled in the form...Not sure why need real names though? Maybe should have a space for timezone, since there are people from many countries. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a youkai or ghost theme mixed in. Yokai Watch was super popular last year... Also, the current super sentai series and kame...
Sports festival again
I usually play handheld consoles, from the Gameboy back then to the 3DS now :)
Pokemon, Taiko no tatsujin Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban, etc.

I also play Sims 3 and Sims city on the PC
New 'End of term test' special on 3 oct(my birthday)! :)
and the theme is 'ladies who have made a stir'