soon, I'll put my music project tarry a few weeks or more to put it here in the forum, hope you like good music only for big fans of Gaki No Tsukai. regards :) :D
thanks 8)
Thanks, waiting for the second part :rofl:
thank you 8)
thanks for uploading the video soudou!, I followed the three parties and not stopped laughing mother and mine lol :lol: :rofl:
Happy Birthday :clap:
soudou thanks, my English At writing is not too good thousand apologies :sweat:
:hai: Hi all, I'm new here in the forum I'm a fan of gaki no tsukai ago 4 years ago, I will continue watching them till that day arrives its endpoint that program. I have big plans for the near future and hopefully help you anything, sincerely. :geek: