i saw this video and i cant help to find out what its about, the video seams really funny doe, i really hope someone could translate this video. and i noticed that will smith is in it.

can someone sub this epsidoe?
why cant i play the video on J-TV ZONE? the screen is just black
i was translation!!! omg i so wanna know what she was saying about matsumoto
Can someone please, who knows how, extract the vids from Pandora and upload them to dailymotion or such? Many of the old download-links ar dead and watching the ones I have not yet seen on Pandora gives me shivers, ads all the time and lag in streaming. Also, I want to save them in my computer, you...
i sooo want to watch this subbed :inlove:
I was watching this lincoln episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vAE7jlapRI and around 1:08 a music played, i heard this music in an anime openning but i cant remember what anime it was. Does anyone recognize the song? OR remember the anime? -- 02.06.2012, 18:12 -- Lol never mind! found it! m E...
its not available anymore
ive seen this video before but how comes no-one ever sub it. i think its about ghost stories told by the comedians and other celebs.

Part 1 Part 2
I started smoking weed in 2008 then i quit at 2010 after fucking up my grades, its been a year since the last time i had a pot and i plan on quitting competely. all i do now is smoke cigarrete, mostly 4 stick a day. :smoke:
I really love this website and the poeple in this forum, and i think the forum should be expanded to make it more captivating and livelier. so ill get straight to the point....i think there should be a fan art gallery so poeple whos willing to post artworks regarding gaki no tsukai can exhibit their...
i'd love to draw him,
CakeDesu wrote:
lol guys let's think about hama-chan attractive points, he have so many... :rofl:

i agree, id love to draw him.
i guess ill start with his attractive points ok.
the first one is obvious....SADISTIC!
Thanks for all your comments! I'll try to keep this thread alive. I'd love to see other people's art! I happened to draw him just now http://i.imgur.com/Zr9tc.png ... but seriously, I love him too 8D After seeing this i though jimmy has to make an appearance aswell. http://i214.photobucket.com/albu...
the channel is back up again btw....but the question is for how long
I'd say this is complete fraud. yh i think you should post a complain.