Anyone know the episode in which Hamaguchi (Arino's partnet) was featured in? Game Center CX producer Kan Tsuyoshi says goodbye to Satoru Iwata . That was nice to read, thanks. Has GamecenterCX ever presented horror game for Arino to play? I remember Clock Tower and Nosferatu, off the top of my head...
Anyone know the episode in which Hamaguchi (Arino's comedy partner) was featured in?
Has GamecenterCX ever presented horror game for Arino to play?
I dont think the show is real but we are talking about Japan here, so there is a possibility.
Although i am concerned about the future of the comedians who participates on the show, i think it will backfire on them one day.
I was watching porn earlier, when i saw a video clip of a show which everyone assumed called "Hand job karaoke". A random contestant competes for the longest time before they ejaculate while singing and the winner wins money. I found new articles on this and it seems the show is called &qu...
I was watching this show in youtube and i find them really interesting even though i know that they are fake, simply watching the reaction of some familair faces in the show is enough to crack me up. I noticed that this video is from 2012 and i would like to search for more recent videos but i do no...
OMG heipo lost alot of weight. I prefer a fatter heipo, i think hes a bit more cuter.
I can't wait for the next part.
I think they did alot of this episodes in earlier gaki no tsukai, not those Heipo dates but where gaki members bring in total strangers (who has clue as to whom they will be pair with) then curtains will open and heipo has to impress them, the stranger then will chose whether they want to date him o...
oh jesus i though the tittle said "The King of BUKAKE Face Championship 01". :lol:
Hey Tofu, are you going to sub the second part of this episode?
grindorth wrote:
i want to see this, where can I find all of it?

It was in just not sure if the website is having a maintenance or something, i seem to be unable to access it today. :|
Toyabong wrote:
Are all the cast from exile??because they all look like they're from exile

No they are not. Are you not familiar with Crows Zero franchise? This is basicaly the 3rd movie.
He did not have alot of scenes but still bad-ass. He had quite a good role.
I never understood japanese dance choreograph, they look so chessy compared to K-pop. I suppose J-pop are more into "Cute" routines and K-pop is more into "Sexy".
Behind the scenes of filming the Matsumoto postman advert. He sure fits the role of appearing serious. I don't really notice where the "foolish" aspect comes in, but maybe thats something the people in the bar are describing verbally. I somehow agree to this. I would not have any problem ...