I have to say, my favorite part is Tanaka's and Yoshimura's turn. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
i've been waiting for the next one.
also send me the link pls, thanks Ernie
Please send me the link too pls, thank you
Can someone repost this please? the download link is no longer active.
I cant figure out the decryption key, i checked the link under the picture but all i got was a file, do i open it with another software?

Edit: NVM i figured it out.
Is the raw footage for the batsu game 2015/16 out yet?
How is this possible? i though Lincoln ended 2 years ago Yes, weekly broadcasts ended 2 years ago but last year they brought back the show for another of these type of specials. It was well received then so obviously the people at TBS decided it would be good to bring it back. So they will only be ...
How is this possible? i though Lincoln ended 2 years ago :^)
andylau-fr wrote:
Deflow wrote:
too bad, there are many poeple like me who watch porn enough to see these things and now 173 knows about this.

I fixed your sentence. :lol:
We already saw a bikini idol in a batsu game, maybe more in all gaki episodes, so i'm not that surprise about a random av actors/actress.

Thanks for fixing ;)
If that's the guy I think it is (I'm not actually sure), then he's only average and a bit of a jerk. There is a guy who looks sorta like Kenny, but he's very prolific and somebody would have noticed him on the show right away. i dont think Kenny often gets a role in TV, and if he does, he is only a...
Do you guys remeber the episode in lincoln where hamada gets captured and tied into a cross inside a door and younger genins are challenged to "break" the wall by either kissing or throwing a pie on Hamada? I run into a Japanese AV and found this cover. http://i.imgur.com/aeLGNvl.jpg Do yo...
GameCenterCX has Yoiko Festival and had Hamaguchi featured in a New years eve epecial. I cannot find this episode anywhere. If anyone have links, please let us know. You're probably talking about this. It starts with Hamaguchi and his dog, Arino joining afterwards and they start playing Kirby Super...
Anyone know the episode in which Hamaguchi (Arino's partnet) was featured in? That is only in Nintendo Youtube Channel, where Hamaguchi played (and also to promote) Nintendo WiiU latest game Yoshi's Wooly World. Yes i have seen it but it was a parody. Accoring to the article below. m GameCenterCX h...