It was so awkard but funny at the same time! :lol:
Omg! the "He thinks he is doing a documentary!?" line killed me!! :rofl: this was pretty good, i wish it were complete subbed. thank you anyways :clap:
Thanks to the guys that provide us with 360p quality version, thank you very much from sharing! :clap:
I fuckin love you Giordano, mostly because of the torrent :clap: thanks for the upload.. :hug:
i was about to make a thread about this video, it's so amazing to see this two genius talking and joking with each other, even though i can't understand nothing about japanese...i enjoyed this video very much! thank you for sharing my friend. :clap: :hai:
Gracias por compartir viejo! me sirvieron del carajo los subs. Un saludo :clap: :rock:
I love you guys!!!(No homo) thank you so much for the effort!!! :D :clap:
Really good funny stuff!! thank you for your efforts! and for sharing of course! :clap: :clap:
it's nothing much.. i just combined the part 1 sub n part 2 sub into 1 .ass file.. 1 hour worth of sub (1:00:00.24).. it's here.. m thanx to gnt sub team.. n u guys.. pretty fast this year.. in subbing.. thanx alot from me.. thank you very much!! it works with the 480p version, if anyone care
Thank you so much for the "SD" version, :clap: :clap: :rock:
"Gasu Kurobikari Air System" LMFAO :rofl:
omg R.I.P obachan!! <3 thank you so much for the laughs :(
someone should sub this one, i couldn't stop laughing at yamachan HAHAHA :rofl: thank you for sharing
i almost threw up laughing my ass off!!! thank you eChie you are my hero!!! :D
what is the name of this series..i know is cooking lessons, but i find it some time ago with another name...something like miss katsumoto or something lol if anyone knows..please let me know it :)