FUCKIN Yamazaki killed me at the fourth part!!! hahaha I thought that the batsu was getting boring but the 4th part probe me wrong!! Can't stop laughing my fucksdfsdjng ass offff!!!!! :D :D :rofl: :rofl:
I love the Lincoln idea. I personally like to request, that episode where Matsumoto and his family appear dressed as Five Rangers, and sing a song. Looks really funny. I believe "Soudou" knows the number of the episode, unfortunely I can't find it right now :( ;(

Thanks in advance friends!
Can someone upload this on Dailymotion? I'm sorry, but I don't have a pretty good Laptop, and I can't watch big resolution videos on it. The streaming of the first part on Team Gaki's page, was incredibly slow, I don't if it was because of my Internet connection or the resolution of the video. Sorry...
That's why I Love this guys, the chemistry between them it's just amazing. They make me laugh so much! :rofl:

Thank you for sharing this J-addicts!

Merry Christmas :bow:
Thanks for the LQ link!! :clap:
Here's a video on YouTube from the episode of ZIP! that the screenshots were taken from showing a bit of the press conference and a few clips from this year's batsu game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0Tex2yj9N0 Looks like a few staples of the batsu games are there including the horror segment t...
Someone have to sub this. I almost die when Hamada farted at the cableway!! and Heipo as always...never fails! :rofl:
I love you Ducktoaster :* Thank you so much!

BTW I love the anotations explaining everything!
I f$#%ing love you not because of the subs! It's because of the Dailymotion link... Thank you very much Shiba!

I've downloaded from the link posted by Joel, and everything went beautiful. The quality of the video it's perfect IMO. And obviously, thank you for the subs!! ]:)
No dailymotion link? :( I'm sorry but pandoraTV sucks! 8)
"KARAIIIIII" omg...i can't stop laughing :rofl:
Thank you very much for the hard work guys! I will be waiting for the dailymotion link(Since I can't watch HD videos in my laptop :( )

Keep it coming! :clap:
OMG!!! didn't this one coming!! I have been waiting for the subbed version of this series for so long. Thank you very much for this guys!! :D
As always Ernie, thank you very much my friend. And thank you for the dailymotion link... that's the one I really need ;)