On official gaki twitter they announced the batsu game in english. I think it s interesting.
or they are in hospital waiting for Hosei to wake up after chono ultime slap. :smoke:
Here we are agin!
last year, Prison batsu game was spotted on 11 november.
How long before japanese peoples spot the Firemen Batsu Game bus?
it was probably the most popular gaki episode on twitter and stuff. so i think they will use it often. :geek:
Deflow wrote:
too bad, there are many poeple like me who watch porn enough to see these things and now 173 knows about this.

I fixed your sentence. :lol:
We already saw a bikini idol in a batsu game, maybe more in all gaki episodes, so i'm not that surprise about a random av actors/actress.
What is the book about?
Picture took by Tanaka? only?
by what i know, it's actually all the same board, from a chinese manufacter. different brand put some stickers on it and sell it at higher price as their own board.
how many of us tried to do it while watching it? :lol:
It's gonna be a "Housei shine" episode. :lol:
beesan wrote:
Hi Ernie,

the last few weeks of 1080 links at Mega don't seem to be working - are you able to check the file are still up?

(Or if someone could furnish me with 1080 links, I'd appreciate it. I'm looking for 1268-1271).

#1269: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k11rf8oJEjN3socSl9f9
#1270: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k5qreuUWrDboqCcSThe