Who are the "They" you are talking about?

Do you think NHK contacted the forum admins to warn them about copyright?
That's strange.
Maybe he can't reply anymore to the forum? or create message.
Razuberii wrote:
I've translated the first part in French for those who are interested. Enjoy ! :)
(I'm not going to do another.)

J'ai traduit la première partie en français pour ceux que ça intéresse. :)
The link : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3l8r2 ... rtie-1_fun

wow already 30mn. thank. :clap:
awsede wrote:
Girl in bus: Horikita Maki http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Horikita_Maki

:clap: and her caractere is from Higanbana drama.
Imagine the size if someday it's in 4k.
After seeing the last Batsu Game and specially the ending song...


may it be the end this time? it look like. :( :clap: :clap:
what do you think?
Johnhk wrote:
I think it's the best way they can end the No Laughing serie.

Yes, better end with a great episode, and it can't end on a better image


The ending song for peoples who havnt see the batsu game yet (start from 3mn40 to no 2015 spoiler):

I though the last year one was very bad, but this year is my favorite! It was really awesome from start to the end. (exept the usual part i don't like: the men doing weird stuff with their body). I was worry the guy at the beginning was going to stay the whole show. And... I usually think the "...
grindorth wrote:
anyone one have a torrent with the of the show with the ads yet?

will probably appear first on nyaa on raw format (.ts ~35gb).
madpanic wrote:
WildStyle* wrote:
When would you guys guess a solid 720p or 1080p upload will be available?

Based on past games, I would give it about two to three weeks for a solid RAW version. It may be quicker but best to expect to wait for quality ;)

24h/48h. :!:
I wont watch it on live, coz i hate commerciel break every 5 mn, i will wait for king ernieyoung release.
Anyway i'm exited to see it :clap:
Senkun wrote:
Stycki wrote:

Official full PV

When Matsumoto appeared, i literary was hoping, that yamazaki, tanaka and endou will be inside of the costume.

Same for me.
Don't find it on itunes. :(

edit: peoples who want the song: PM