Ahaa, ok, thank you:D

(found it, it's the nippon television tower :D )
Awesome! I'm going to Tokyo this summer, so I want to go there as well!:D
Anyone here who could give me some idea of where it is?XD There's several NTV places:(
Is there anywhere to find the other episodes? There's only the first one here:( If it's gone, I guess it's gone, and in any case thank you for the one that is here:D
haha, awesomeXD

..why is matsumoto's cheek all red? :blink:

Thank you :D

WTF? sounds crazyXD stupid youtube for deleting videos one can't find elsewhere

Thanks! :D
and double-thanks for the lazy-link :clap:

I want to see that too, but I can't find it :(
Maybe it doesn't exist..
Anyone who knows?
I saw a clip of dj ozma in youtube, performing spiderman on Hey hey hey music champ, and I just wondered; Is there an interview as well?

I think that could be funnyXD

Lol, when I read the comments, I thought "wow! is Hamada really that good at drawing?"XD I were so wrongXD

It's been deleted:(