soudou wrote:
You can do the same thing with a laptop connected to a TV in your living room via a HDMI cable.

so, there is no escape. I'll have to search for this HDMI cable... but thanks anyway, sir. :)
maaaaaannn... seems difficult. is this a software? do I install it on TV?

I feel like Onishi-san trying to read English
aaaaand here I am, pestering you again with my noob side: I am planning to make an afternoon of Batsu Game videos here, so watching those in a proper TV could be more awesome than at my PC (a desktop one). the TV has USB ports, so I can plug the unit without trouble. so, the question is: how .ass su...
thanks again, buddy. but I'm at my final Univeristy year. so I'll be busy as hell this year. I took the notes and maybe I can start it later.
soudou wrote:
Just goes to show someone needs to make a Cocorico Compilation thread to collaborate on hunting down their shows and TV appearances! ;)

I wish I had the abilities to do that... I am a big fan of Cocorico. if I become a comedian at NSC, I wish to have Cocorico as my mentors.
Soudou, the great master, thanks for this compilation!

thanks to this, not only I got to know more about Housei-san's work, but I finally found a video of the Cocorico hide and seek show (Million Kazoku). I was looking for this for AGES.
whatever he uses to get high, I want some
my god, dat Hamada's hairdo
man, noritsukkomi (playing fool along) comedy is great!
and to add to the combo, Matsumoto references the other guy's escapades with girls, awesome.
As to the faces I guess I wanted angry/disappointed faces. Its less about how these guys are funny but more about how they used to have nothing and now they're on the top and successful. So they look disappointed to the people on the streets like "why didnt you make it yet?" you sir, dese...
I MUST do that at my university
Ni Oxx wrote:
Oh, good, lol. When are you filming the batsu?

at home. we are just waiting for a good day when we are free to film it. I'm at the last year of university and this will kill me AND make me stronger at the same time.
Ni Oxx wrote:
Another point, especially with black pepper, is that it's probably important that the presence of whatever you use to spice the food up isn't noticeable - to keep the game fair and the chances random.

yeah, the jelly is dark-colored (grape). so the pepper powder isn't noticeable.
ChronoBR wrote:
No-Laughing Enthusiastic Teachers alguem fazendo?

eu faria, mas estou em ano de TCC =(

a não ser que você espere MUITO tempo. posso trabalhar em conjunto com alguém. voluntários?
oh, geez, could you re-upload this subliminal message one? I'm very curious to watch it