I watched it on Netflix. It was interesting; a fake documentary. Personally I wouldn't give it high ratings but it wasn't that bad, and the first movie I got to see with my favorite Japanese actor in it. :)

Saw Iron Man 2 on the day it came out. Kick ass! Compared to Iron Man 1, more action; lots more action. I was originally disappointed that Terrence Howard wouldn't be back for the second movie and got replaced by Don Cheadle but I thought he did a great job. Also if you guys and gals aren't familiar...

Thank you ShibataBread, Alex, and your wife for the hard work. :inlove:

I first started watching Gaki, last year when Hulu.com posted up a subtitled version of the twenty four hour tag. They said they plan to put up more but they took the tag out as well as the Gaki page. X( They also had another show called Denpa Shonen, or something close to that spelling; pretty good.

Sadly, there is no subtitles for the second one. I'm just glad we have subtitles for the first one! :D