It's .ass, when I burned with mp4 to DVD, it didn't work when I played it at DVD player.


Must I convert to .srt?
autopolyploid wrote:
Los Angeles, CA :D It's a melting pot in California, BTW I'm Chinese my family came from Hong Kong.

I've gone there, wonderful country, and I miss 'd like to visit again.
Is there any other link?
I can't watch Veoh.
freaksperson wrote:
INDONESIA, not Bali but Jakarta :rock:

Sama2 orang Indo kita!

Please, get along well!


Originally posted by natsilane I was watching the High School batsu tonight and noticed something that made me laugh. The song played near the beginning, when that famous musician plays football, is the same song played in the 2009 Batsu as the third DVD Yamasaki plays when Tanaka takes the Thai Ki...