The Matsumoto & Baby Gorilla Hamada Dolls that were featured in last years special. (and yes, they do make the funny sounds)
I just wanna say thank you so much to ErnieYoung for sharing with us over the past years and keeping us up to date with Japanese entertainment. On a side note: Looking forward to the next Run for Money 逃走中 2019.01.05 if you have it.
Keep up the good work, it's very generous of you. Many Thanks! :bow:
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ErnieYoung, could I have the link too? much appreciated, thank you :bow:
ErnieYoung, could I get the link for this episode too? many thanks :bow:
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Great episode..really funny indeed ^^ It's a pitty Hamada got defeated so early though..would of loved to have seen more of the funny looking people get K.O'd by Hamada's angry wraft Funny seeing Tanaka attempt it too ^^ also..If I may add..It's good to see Matsumoto is getting physically into shape...