ninjaxkiwisbgf wrote:
Can anyone reupload this file? :D!iU4SSbzb!X_7QCRjG5 ... Jwpmzbb5tQ
This is NOT subbed by me but I felt I had to share this with you m It's one and a half hour long and the concept is easy, celebrities (Yamasaki being one of them) hide and other celebrities (Endo and Tanaka amongst them) search for them. Each celebrity gets one million yen if they manage to remain u...
Is Endo okay with this?
I would suggest the hardsubbed version I uploaded. This version is even smaller than the raw 720p file.

The this HD ass file should work: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2543

I believe these are your only options available. :)
Uploaded a new and smaller version, Link in the OP.
Hardsubbed this in case the video gets taken down.!OcZ3wKDY!H-tPFDaKu ... zRV9tW-UBU
NEW VERION UPLOADED! This one is a compressed file ''only'' 6.89 GB in size compared to the old 15.9 GB version. I will still seed the old and larger torrent though. Since I can't create threads in the Subtitles section of the site I decided to post this here. I couldn't find an hardsubbed HD versio...
Hard subbed this for you guys:
This was really well subbed I must say, and a great clip as well.

Took the liberty of uploading it to MEGA:!aVwhXLLT!SN1k2ygg3 ... 4RkyHYjh8g
I uploaded the dodgeball episode to rapid share ... geball.avi

This might not be episode 15 but it is subbed.
AWESOME!!!!! :)

Will there be a hard sub version soon? :)
Thank you! Could you perhaps add the word ''Subbed'' to the thread title for those (like me) too lazy to check out the thread. :)