Wow so great, thank you so mutch. Is it possible for you to post a flac version of the album please? Sorry i don't have a converter that does that, and i have too many converters as it is I think that when you Rippe the CD choose the Flac version or jusr Rip it in .iso format! you can google it.
Can we expect a full re-upload using Mega or Mediafire if possible ? Thank you!
Worm wrote:
I uploaded the dodgeball episode to rapid share ... geball.avi

This might not be episode 15 but it is subbed.

Can anyone reupload this please ?!
It's Obvious that Matsumoto knows nothing about those languages but even the subs that comes with each language are rubbish, i think the sub provided for each language is just for show as most of Japanese people speak only one language.
Very awesome job! This is so convienient! thakyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :rofl:
So if i get this right, there're 3 batsu eps, the one on 31/12/2013 which is the main show, then the 3rd january 2014 a Recap & Unseen footage episode and finally on 05 January 2014 another unseen footage episode! Thank you guys for all the work your providing and i'm seriously thinking to sub t...

Thank you very much for you and your wife, thanks for the hard work and keep it plzz

thank you again

Originally posted by Hamadev To save you the head ache, I got all the Batsu game Subtitles in one RAR file (Except Hotel.ass): zShare MediaFire Gaki no Tsukai Endurance Tag 24 Hour.ass Gaki no Tsukai High School 24 Hour.ass Gaki no Tsukai Hospital 24 Hour 1.ass Gaki no Tsukai Hospital 24 Hour 2.ass...

Originally posted by sewnundun I downloaded this (gaki no tsukai #906 (2008.06.01) Silent Library 2008 ) on usenet, it's not subbed though. Does any1 have the sub (or even know who it's subbed by)? Can you plzz upload the video you downloaded on usenet?, we'd like to have it and probably work on su...