I added the torrent link for the 720p raw. Team Gaki will be using this as a base video!
Thanks everyone for your patience! Hopefully we can add more download links soon. :)
Sticky'd. :)
I added the torrent for the .ts! Expect the torrent for Team Gaki's base video very soon!
Here's some quick-updates! - Later today we're going to be distributing a 720p version encoded by us. This will be the RAW file used for subbing the batsu game. - We're also going to make the .TS available to download, but please note that it has commercials still and is ~35.8 GB. - Subbing is alrea...
Just an update! http://i1369.photobucket.com/albums/ag202/jordan47/DE9F2AF6-82A6-429A-801A-14D6C8832E9A_zpsf0xo6t14.png We had some issues with trackers, but furransu was kind enough to fix them. Our servers downloaded a 40 GB. file in nearly an hour! Encoding will take place soon. Thank you very m...
I got the torrent from furransu! It's currently downloading. We're planning on re-encoding the raw .TS into different resolutions and distributing them here; that way you know what we are using as our base video. We're also most likely going to be using to be using the 720p version, as most of our c...
Oh crap! I just realized this is the recap… How embarrassing!

I am very sorry, I was in a rush!

You're welcome, everyone! :)

I've contacted furransu also! We're most likely going to use the .srt and encode a 720p version of the .ts and use it as our base video for translating.

EDIT: I added the torrent to TeamGaki.com's seedbox, so speeds should be pretty fast!
Happy New Year's! Like last year, this page will be updated as higher quality versions become available, so keep checking back! Team Gaki will be most likely using the 720p version once it's made available. HD 720p (Thanks to NGB, furransu, and slayeer!): *Please note: Team Gaki is using this as the...
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Thanks so much you guys! I'll contact you all to give you more information!

Remember wrote:
I feel that this time...this will be big. It's really awesome you guys are starting early :clap: . Will keep checkin' the TeamGaki page for future annoucements. Good luck ]:) !

Thank you, Remember! :)
Hello, I don't mind throwing my name in the hat as a timer. I am new but I am bolstering my ability. I have done some videos already and before the batsu game is ready to be subbed I will have done more and hopefully improved. You can contact me for my skype info and then judge if I will be a good ...
Hey, everyone! It's almost that time of year again! As New Year's approaches, it's time to make some early preparations. You know the drill! Team Gaki is currently enlisting volunteers to subtitle the 2013/2014 batsu game, but before I discuss pre-requisites, I have an important announcement regardi...
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