I believe its a Shokupanman mask, from Anpanman

YO!!! which one are field days eps? :drool:

was the vp really a halfie?

just style.... they bad boys

Originally posted by ShadiHD Originally posted by Slayeer Anybody else noticed the 4 extra plates of toppings in the ruined box, in part 9? They look unharmed, though, the members only get one:p Part 10 is on it's way~! yup I've noticed it too, and I wondered the very same thing. I think it's just ...


So that's why Matsumoto ask Tanaka what kind of butterfly landed on him in DNL Hotel

Originally posted by lalala
can someone explain to me what really happen?

its a prank they pull where hamada gets mad at someone..... weird i know

why did they choose to play merry christmas mr lawrence??? hahaha

didn't really like it.....

I read you were helping sibatabread sub.... NICE JOB!!

I like the last couple of second of the show.......

HAPPPYYY new YEAR!!!! from VA

"Itao are you ok?" hahaha
a quick short with the downtown crew.....


probs to outlaw0022

I think Tanaka is funny.... it's hard to be the straight funny..... you know? and he's super smart!