Next episode will be another Goodbye Yamazaki!
Also Ernie please if you don't mind.
Waiting for 720p, because i have no space left unfortunately.
Fujiwara has become a director. I still remember him as manager and being bullied a lot. I feel old now :sweat:
Ernie, requesting this and last week episode please, have been busy last week. Thank you as always.
Tamuken is such a good person. :clap:
Ernie, can you reupload this episode? Thanks.
I believe PUNPEE made an album based on the show, but can't find it anywhere.
Ernie, i missed this one. Can you reupload it? :worried:
And if you don't mind 4/19 too.
Ernie can you share the link to me too, thank you very much.
Thanks Ernie.
Also just in case someone have the PUNPEE song, pls share with us...
Oh Ernie-sama please me too.
Edit : Just in case someone want to watch the movie
Don't forget to use Japanese proxy.
I think they went overboard this time.
I hope this won't cause a problem in the future.
Can you send me a link too, Ernie?
(Also please, if you can of course, send me link for no reaction competition several weeks ago? I missed it)