I remember Jyama Wars! Thanks Ernie! Did they ever do more or was this just a one-time special?
Gauna-03 wrote:
Is Sakagami the veteran comedian or TV presenter?

I think he acts as the MC mostly.
Komiya must be an idiot savant.
Didn't realize there were so many variations. All of em seizure inducing. lol

Ernie, do you have a copy of this?
Thanks! I thoroughly enjoyed your Downtown Now Tsubasa cut. Hopefully, we'll get to see more of your work in the future. =)
They're probably sold out since they're collectibles.
Hey conjyak,
I have 2011 and 2013. Thanks for the 2012 link, but still would like to find a higher resolution version.
david171971 wrote:
What was Okamura's confession?

Something about going out with a volleyball girl in Kitashinchi, lol.
impasse wrote:
the part of the url containing the decryption key is missing

The decryption key is located in the .zip file underneath the picture. Download the .zip, and open the file with Notepad.
ErnieYoung wrote:
Yes, I recorded it.

Thank you!