Can't wait for Oogiri Daigassen's return!
After watching it I realized something: I'm not sure if this is something that has already happen in the other Silent Library (I'd have to rewatch them carefully) but I could tell everysingle time who was gonna get punish (the skull card was extremely bend on the sides) and ...
Johnhk wrote:

Most likely some people have gotten so used to asking that they just post in the thread without even looking through it... we might need to have some kind of site-wide announcement :lol:
rocky_iwata wrote:
As I used to dig board game, I really like this episode.

While those party games are more fit with the TV format, I wish they do more complicate games, like one 45-minutes game for one episode.

For some reason I'd love to see the guys play The Game of Life, or something like Risk.
Sounds kinda fun! Would like a link for this one, thanks.
Hosei, we hardly knew ye.

If Ernie has a link for this ep then I'd like a PM for it. Thanks!
Looking for this link too, thanks!

Steak... now I want some...
Looking for the link too, thanks.
Looking for link too, thanks! You guys have to only tell Ernie once that you want the links and don't have to ask about it again. If you're a reputable forum member he'll just integrate you into the list of the people who are getting the raws. I don't want to be bitchy, I'm just trying to keep the f...
Would like the link as well, thanks!
Would like the link too, thanks!
Hey Ernie, is it possible to get both this episode and the 2.46GB special? Thanks!
Would like the link as well, happy holidays Ernie!
Looking for link as well if available, thanks!