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The file for episode 558 is actually episode 610. In case you don't have it, here is the actual episode 558: http://channel.pandora.tv/channel/video ... d=33077915

No ErnieYoung video? ... Hold me. :sweat:

Thank you, unos!
m Thank you very much for supporting us and the other Gaki subbing groups. Without your encouragement and engagement, there would not be as many subbed Gaki episodes for everyone to enjoy. We wanted to let you know first that we are planning major changes to the way Gaki subbing works. In order to e...
Thank you, ErnieYoung!!
Apparently Miura Jun is a manga artist and illustrator. He gives out the "Miura Jun Award" as some sort of joke award for fun, to whomever he wants to.

Japanese Wikipedia link: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%81%BF ... 3.E8.B3.9E
Thanks, but that's Nandeyanennen. I was asking about Tsukkomi Komi Komi.
Is there an original version of Hamada Bamyu Bamyu's Tsukkomi Komi Komi that doesn't include the TV show studio sounds (like Matsumoto and Hosei talking and commenting in the background)? I'm looking for just the audio.
Thank you, andylau-fr!

Will anyone be recording/uploading his appearance on "Best Artists"?
Hey unos,

I think 933 is an incomplete version. When I download it, it only plays about 17 minutes, but the episode is 23 minutes: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1shxt ... %88_people