Great job! Thanks for speedy implementation 8)
Found this online which has a "Thank You" plugin and some info how to install it, Hope it helps.

Link: Click Here
Having the latest posts window at the top would be nice too like before, I have just noticed there is a new post page (found HERE) though which could do in place but think having it on the home page is handy.
Thank you very much ErnieYoung san! Happy New year :clap: . Hope you had an amazing year and have a great one this year too!
Season 7 (Raw) Click Here

Season 0 (Documentary, Raw) - Click Here
He has been given the offer of it being reinstated at this moment and time, still need to wait to hear from him and Ryo too.
Yoshimoto president press conference just got held: Click Here

It is 5 hours 47 mins and largely a political reply though.
Hopefully I'm interpreting this correctly am still learning Japanese but this is what i got from this episode: They were in trouble for attending a party backed by some shady people/organisation and also receiving a large sum of money during it. They claimed they didn't receive money and was unaware...
Season 3 (Eng Sub) Click Here (not sure if official)
Hello, was wondering if 2018 version of this program was available, was amazed by Nasu D & Yoiko last year on this program :)
It's last year for that combi to compete. Not sure what the requirements are though, maybe a set number of attempts or they decide to make it the last attempt. Also avoid checking the M1 Grand Prix official website until you watch it, they posted the winner within hours of the live broadcast ending ...
This has been posted on Nyaa recently. The contestants are kept secret and given a cool intro in the first episode of each season so try to watch it blind if possible :) Season 1 (Eng Sub): Click Here Season 2 (Eng Sub): Click Here Season 3 (Eng Sub) Click Here Season 4 (Eng Sub) Click Here Season 3...
Yeah they finished broadcasting season 2, its in the playlist :)