of course there will be one next year. That you people are that stupidto believe the same rumor every year.
No wonder japanese consider westerners dumb.

Even though they could replace yamasaki with toshiyuki.
That would be a blast.
This whole thing is rather forced, espescially with that pseudo producer( My armes are crossed, so i am a genius).
Hopefully theycome up with better projects that are actually funny
so far only torrents seem to have higher level quality.

Search either for Uwa! etc. or Uwatsu! etc.+ torrent. (in either english or japanese)

If you dont care about a bit lower quality you can just download the ones from youku.
everything looks so sad...
Please dont.

I rather have nobody translate this,than your half assed translation and then ask for donations when you could simply do it non-profit and make releases on a forum.
2006 and 2007 seem to have some deleted files, since hey are "not accesible"
just release a translation of the material in a txt document, if the translators are waiting so idle.

Typsetting overall is luxury that takes a lot of time and makes things only more annoying.

In the VHS days it was normal to read a translated document, while watching a japanese video
the obvious answer would be ratings, yet the summer special 2014 seemed to be quite liked.

Is there any other specific reason?
that whole discussion has nothing to do with news. KEEEP IT CLEAN
opinion is the mirror of ones ignorance
I always considered japanese game shows to be more open minded and intresting than everything else you see in the world and wasn't surprised how some nudity in the game shows spiced things up.

But do these shows still exist ?

I even found Downtown being part of a sexy dance here:

http://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/xll ... deo=x8ascx