PenRob wrote:
Re: Official Batsu 2015 Discussion Thread

Nobody really knows yet, it was maybe meant as a joke, but there can be some truth to it.

Nobody, literally nobody can tell you now if they will continue or not.
What does typesetting mean?
Daaamn, I am so much looking forward to it, I am interested how much did Matsu get older. :P

Also I hope it will get translated ASAP, it makes me usually depressed if I should watch RAW or wait for translated version. :sweat:
Japanese people, just as Korean ones, have advanced understanding of english when it comes to reading text (we're talking about conversations here, not any documentary text or something, lol), but they have really basic level of english in keeping conversation with someone or anything related. In my...
Well today I've seen Titanic for the first time and I must say it deserves its ratings and awards, it is really well-thought film and I love the story. It would be really horrible if something like that happened in real life, but hopefully nothing like that happens in near future. So far I would giv...
Hello, hope you enjoy being on this board.

Any upload is greatly appreciated! :)
Oh my god yes! I am looking so much forward to firemen batsu! :clap:

I hope they will have sleeveless shirts though. :)
I do, I am on EUNE and EUW.

What about you?
She looks too white to me, not that sexy as Chiyo imo.
This topic is turning into something I would never want to. Please, can any of the mod lock it? We can create a new topic as you said.
Okay, thank you grindorth. May I ask you if the topic can remain open? I can change the title or the body text so it will be according to these "Endos" mania posts.
I don't think that dirty videos have to be porn, it can be actually anything soft-erotic such as woman in bikini etc., which I guess is allowed to post here on the forum. You can even google "dirty photos" and look at pictures and you shouldn't see someone naked.
Wow, awesome. Didn't even think that I would get so much material from only wanting to know a name of one actress. Thank you guys, I will try to help you with finding Koma's dirty videos because I want to satisfy myself on them as well. :)
Fengson wrote:
soudou, she didn't do much, really :D

Well she didn't laugh as many of us would do, so that is really worth mentioning at least.
Wow, she is extremely cute even with that neutral face she has there on the picture. Pity we will never know her name. Maybe she has some decent naked pictures on google also.