A monkey challenges SASUKE. "if it's a monkey, it can complete the SASUKE course"
Crossover between SASUKE and Suiyobi no Downtown :D

Yeah, a suiyobi no downtown section would be great.
^soudou! I just noticed your name is green! :o

I guess that recent sudden japanese dance episode was well received. :D
Sounds really interesting. Wonder what each of them will choose. lol
Arino-kachou playing Pokemon Green(on nintendo jp youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/NintendoJPofficial/videos)
The goal is to catch all 151 Pokemon :D
The video says vol.1 so we can probably expect more videos

The twiiter where he logs his progress: https://twitter.com/arikachopokemon
The nicknames he gives his Pokemon lol :D
Fun episode.

It was funny how Tanaka went to a carpark with less than 50 slots
Welcome! :)
Watching the 4hr special. I love the segments featuring Ninety-nine

Okamura went to a place called Okamura, in Akita prefecture :rofl:
His outfit is parodying Kuroyanagi Tetsuko and her show 'Tesuko no heya'

The new Yabe offer segment was really nice. :D
That kindergarden is super hardcore about sports!
Hi I just created a subreddit for Mecha-ike. :)
Another Endo Mori Shinichi episode? Were the Endo Mori Shinichi eps popular?
Some were saying it might have been due to some kind of policy restriction where he can't be on both channels NHK (Kouhaku) and NTV (Gaki) at the same time. Yeah, there is kind of a rule that a person can't be onair on two channels at the same time. I've come across this...
I was watching Gurunai and it was mentioned that Yabe's 2nd son was born recently. The baby's name is Ken. Congrats to him. Anyone remember a scene where Okamura played an old politician or something and the other mechaike members played reporters and they kept shoving microphones in his face? If yo...
Welcome to the forum! :D
I'm glad people enjoyed the sub of the short Mecha-ike clip :)