Sun Vulcan wrote:
Same issue here.

dang. that kind of blows.
Does anyone else experience crackling and popping during the 720p video when there is loud noises? its like when there is a bad stream or something. I know it's not my computer because everything else sounds good. just wondering if I should redownload it or something.

Thank you sooooooo much! I missed the live stream, but now I can watch it on my new years!
anyone have a Mega link for the 720 or 1080? mediafire is pretty crappy for multiple files (first world problems i know)
I saw this one episode on youtube a long time ago and can't seem to find it again. It has all the guys sitting around what looked like a poker table and then other comedians would take turns poking their heads up through the middle of the table and if they laughed they had to pay money. It is simila...
Thank you so much, we were laughing our asses off at work about this today.

the last gif is sooooo good.
furransu wrote:
i can provide a 35gb TS file where Japanese SRT sub can be extracted from to anyone subbing the show.

please PM me.

SOMEONE GET ON THIS STAT! hahah. that seems like it would be the easiest way to translate the show.
whenever i click on the folders in zippyshare there is nothing in them. what am i doing wrong?
I love you. Thank you so much for this list! :inlove:
I was able to replicate your Decryption Error message, but what I did was I went to the place where the file was supposed to download to (for me it's my user Downloads folder) and there was a file there with a .mega extension. I renamed the entire file to what it was supposed to be (Batsu Experimen...
I love everything about this post. I cannot thank you enough! ]:)