Thanks Ernie!! :bow:
and Happy New Year :bow:
Soon I will upload the rest of the episodes of gaki no tsukai in 4k, be calm, a greeting. ;)
Gaki_17.07.17_Rendezvous Game SP (4K)
Can you decide for the Special Gaki or Gaki Extreme? I have prepared a survey for you to vote which of the two You like more Special Gaki: This dedicated to the best moments and funny scenes of all the episodes of gaki no tsukai, especially also the top 10 of the weekend. Extreme Gaki: This dedicate...
EDIT: I deleted the download link of this video.Image
grindorth wrote:
Any Dailymotion links??

Thanks in advance

Nothing at all for now 8)
EDIT: I deleted the download link of this video.
Thanks ErnieYoung :bow: :bow:
Coming soon "Gaki Extreme" ;)
Last episode of "special gaki" will say the last goodbye, after three years with the best compilation and the best moments of the batsús as "The very best of gaki no tsukai 2014,2015,2016", to celebrate we have made this special With the great diva "IKKO" and her dance ...
New episode, new format 4k UHD :party: :party: ... greetings.Image
Thank you very much ErnieYoung :bow: :bow: