atidd wrote:
I found it!!

@ 00:55 when they are deciding turns. Classic moment.

Thanks for coming back to reveal what it was. Yeah gotta love sadist Hamada vs Housei :devil:
And then Hamada steals Matsumoto's chance to finally not be last. :rofl:
methecooldude wrote:
How this: This text is behind the spoiler wall

Great job!

Housei gets slapped by Chono next year. 8)
This came up again recently on Reddit , and I guess my reply there might work here too. I think people were pleasantly surprised by some of the twists in the Detectives Batsu though. Some other previous discussions: Batsu games are not as funny anymore (2013) Has The Recent Batsu Games Become Redund...
yeah because this [spoiler]just an example[/spoiler] doesn't work your are suppose to see a black bar. if not then I tried Oh I see. The one you linked in your first post though says "obscures text in a box until the user clicks on it" which is also the same as the hide tag, but I think y...
grindorth wrote:
hopefully the spoiler tag plug in get added soon.

You mean the one I linked? It's just the same as the Hide tag.
also i had no idea erhan left and gave control of the site to methecooldude Erhan still is around and has administrator privileges but unfortunately they don't have time to make fixes / additions / handle hosting anymore etc. so methecooldude is hosting and has managed to fix the Thanks system, cha...
tyler928 wrote:
It appears the "Gaki_160612_#1309_6th Silent Library (2).zip" is no longer a link. Any help with the decrypt key? THanks!

It's still a link for me, make sure you're logged in when you view it or maybe try a different browser.
tyler928 wrote:
How can I get the decryption key for this (and other videos)?


Download the zip under the image, open the file inside with Notepad.
can a mod move this to the troubleshooting and help section I posted this in the wrong place thanks in advanced. Done. while the "hide" button works, it is more meant to hide multiple posts into a single post. m Unfortunately later versions of phpBB don't support stuff from the DB/Modific...
aokakesu wrote:
This is my favorite LH corner. Thanks for sharing this. I get to watch this on my birthday! :) Ernieさん万歳!

Happy Birthday :^:
reyhanartha wrote:
cant download the zip file

Works for me, what error are you seeing?
Sorry, not sure what you mean by "folder icon"? The old Gaki star icons for forum sections?
Thanks! But without you I probably wouldn't have remembered to look on Clubbox, so I thank you for that! Haha, that's OK, I may have mentioned Clubbox but we all have to give you many more thanks for putting up with the arduous Clubbox download speeds to be able to give out lightning fast MEGA uplo...
Fantastic work, must have been a pain to get them all but it'll sure be enjoyed by many for years to come! :bow:

I've made this a pinned / sticky thread. :clap: