Hello folks! One of my closest friends is doing a tee shirt business (totally non-Gaki) but I thought it might be funny to have some Gaki-themed tee shirts. Was wondering if there were any specific designs or pictures you would like to see on a Gaki no Tsukai tee shirt (as well as if you would be in...
ماشاالله عليكم يا شباب، أول مرة على النادي أرى ترجمة بالعربية، مبروك عليكم وبتوفيق انشالله ..
لكم مني أطيب تحية
وسلام عليكم ورحمة الله
Can you guys create a website where you get all the teams and if you know, some people from Japan to record these shows and you guys sub them? Charge us for a subscription like $5-7 per month. I'd love to subscribe to something like that and be able to watch the show. For the past several years I'v...
Old folks in the same thread, it's been a long time boys :)

It's been pretty much the same thing for me.. but the good thing is that the Gaki forum community is now mature enough to sustain itself :)
Hello there subbers, I have a special question for you: how did you learn Japanese to a level good enough to make your translations? Any particular method? How long did it take you, and how hard do you study the language/grammar/vocabulary? I am learning Chinese and I'm getting better day after day,...
Thanks Kippei-kun! Looks great, didn't find 奋斗 / Fen Dou tho :( But I'm gonna try other dramas.

Any more suggestion is welcome ^^

I tried to look around on Jaddicts for Eng. Subtitled Chinese dramas (mainly for my Chinese learning experience) but didn't find what I was looking for. Anyone knows a more "specialized" website for getting Chinese drama (streaming & dd are preferred) english subtitled?

As long as it's legit, there's no specific policy. Thanks for the link, lot of material in there!
Il ne s'agit pas uniquement du sujet J-music, mais aussi du Saya Zamurai (et le coffret est aussi sous titré anglais...), du coin album photos, du sondage sur vos membres favoris... ce sont des généralités sur GnT qui à mon sens doivent être dirigés de façon global à la communauté Pour l'instant il ...
Bonsoir, Cette subcategorie du forum est en train de se transformer en coin franchouillard où on discute de tout et de rien en rapport avec l'Asie et Gaki no Tsukai. Je n'y vois absolument aucune objection, mais s'il vous plait faites le dans le coin général pour partager avec le reste de la communa...
For each and every one of you curious about the "Waiting for Sianzation" in my "Location" field on the right, know that I finally, after many years, reached Sianzation, the state of mind I was aiming for for a long time.
J'aime beaucoup les chats et les arbres, moi aussi :)

Bienvenue Nicolas, t'es chez toi ici.
You're lucky, it's a rare chance :) Does he speak any english btw?
Hey thanks guys glad you like it. Yeah we actually have another show on youtube reviewing crazy food. so it wasn't hard to get them to do this lol. The next episode will be Kiki series Lemon Tea. Do you have any ideas for new games? I love your videos, great job! Keep up the good work! You could tr...