Is this Kiki Subbed?
I hope they do at least one more 24 hour Batsu Game before they retire from old age blah blah blah.
Didnt they also do the Okajo to find out who the Undou Onchi (shortened to Unchi meaning Crap so they try to find who Crap Girl is :D). Since Megaupload has been taken down I used Crazyontv :D to watch it :D.
They could have game him bald :D
Falkor :D
What do you think (if they make another) is the next 24hour no laughing Batsu.
When will Kiki Potato Chips (so i heard) and Apple Juice (so I heard) since I heard that Tanaka will destroy his 9 year loss in one of those or are you going to sub the Kiki in order?
I never really got to thank you properly since I really never knew about this site and I just went to your Gakifiles site and I actually did not know who to thank so now I have a chance so...

Thank You for all the subs and the first one I ever watched was the 24 hour Spy :D
I am new here and to be honest I really do not know how to post videos and i clicked the video button thing[video][/video] and I do not know what it does so maybe have another button so i can access my video click the one i want and it will show or can someone tell me how to do it.
I do have a subbed version but how to post a video clicked the video button[video][/video] but it would not let me acces to my videos folder :O I am new here :D
Hmm it is my first day and my very first post. Ok what i noticed here is that when I went to lincoln I wanted to view the subbed files but the problem was that there was no button or option to allow all the English subbed videos to come first. In addition to that the videos are not in order. To summ...