Is obvious that the Gaki staff are forcing Endo to return to Chiaki. The couple together is so cute and the fans (Gaki fans) like them. When was the last time his new girlfriend appeared in the show, on a recording? Count the times it happened. Now count the times that Chiaki appeared in the show. T...
The video streams are much better. I don't have conditions to download 13 Gb, my connection sucks badly. So, I don't care too much about the video quality, since I can watch the gaki show. I appreciate enormously the users who provided the links of the videos streams. Thanks guys! :) :clap:
Oh man... I laughed so hard when hamada face shows up! Lol :rofl:
This was almost the same episode with endo takeshi showing to a fan kid (I don't remember the exact name of the episode though), but it consists in just repeat the act of "endo takeshi" in front of the fan kid again, and again, and again, constantly... until the Endo get tired. Maybe this ...
Hahahah good one! :D
I skipped almost the whole video, it's so awkward to watch. :|

But Matsumoto "nfc" t-shirt was cool (possibly a reference to UFC championship, I think).
Dailymotion and Gakifiles. The best.
His overacting is just annoying.

He must have a phobia issue or something like that, he doesn't act like this on own purpose.
kojio wrote:
Highlights from the after-talk.


Hahahahah! Now everything makes sense! Thanks! :clap:
Good work!
I don't know... the videos are impressive, but... this kind of story is kinda unbelievable, in my opinion.

Speaking of Hamada parents, have one mention to Hamada dad on Newspaper agency, which showed his name is Kengorou.
Oh man... I cringed too. :(

But was funny when they show him it all that was a prank. :D
Hahahahah... The "goal" part... oh my stomach... :rofl:

The first kombi was good too!

Obs.: Thanks the uploader that put the video on Dailymotion, the Youku stream sucks badly (the worst video stream ever).
- Show Hey-Hey on Police batsu - Funny moves of Matsumoto and Endo (the Mad Brothers part) on Yugawara batsu - Tanaka on "G-Pan" character chasing the guy, on "Stalking Tanaka" skit (The whole skit is hilarious!)** - Yamasaki "new" costumes, on Newspaper batsu and Hotel...