"a toy capsule machine that had Hamada mini figures"?! amazing :rofl:
Thanks Zurui, nice to see you back:)
Thanks Ernie once more and happy new year for you and everyone here!!
Thanks a lot! :clap: :bow:
Great! a classic. One of the best Gaki series for me. Nice to see it back :clap:
Thanks Ernie :bow:
I think this will end in nothing.
They all will probably "forget" what happend.
Ah! got it. Thanks a lot!
This is the end of Ameagari and London Boots!

(Sorry , I'm writing in pieces. I'm surprised!)
They Fired them!
What have they done? dirty business?
what a bombshell!
Hi everyone and thanks Ernie for your videos!
Could someone please tell me what did they do that thay had to apologize for?
Thanks Ernie!!
and Happy New Year for everyone :party: