Tanaka's Tightrope Challenge was hilarious :)
Itao's 2nd Lip Sync Studio
I Think You Like This Item
Good show!
Is it one off show or regular?
Wow! Thank you very much!
VideogameDC wrote:
Something tells me the episode Vatican posted was already subbed. :^)

It's on gaki no tsukai reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/GakiNoTsukai/comments/2xj2p1/yamazaki_slap_competition/
Here is a sub file that covers about 95% of this episode, I made it for the video file in this thread from depositfiles, I probably wont be able to finish the rest due to the problem i mentioned in the post above, but its fairly complete apart from that but if anybody can finish it off, it would be...
Why the hell did they cancel this show???
DaDa DiDi Da-Da DaDa DiDi Da-Da lol))))
Awesome! Thank you!!!
Where did they find that last guy? Something about him is just amazing. I kind of hope he appears in the next batsu game or something. Yes! He's strangely attractive. Once again we can tell that matsumoto's sense of humor is out of this world(although i think if this was less random and more script...