I finished watching S1 and 2 during my Amazon trial and i've not had more fun than this in a long time.
Really glad there are actually 3 other seasons to watch cause i will miss it when it's gone. Highly recommended. Currently they are not out on prime.
Really looking forward to this, this show is probably the most fun after the various Batsu Games.
What can they be possibly planning this time. What kind of institution are they going to train in ? Boot camp ? a Bank maybe ? Is it going to be the same type of scenario as before or did thye come up with somethig completly different ? So much questions ...
Oh good lord thank you. I laughed all the way
La fille, c'est pas un genre de poupée gonflable ? Image Trop de maquillage
I get all kinds of russian, serb, german, american and chinese channels on my TV, but Japansese TV, i don't get none of that.

I approve of this thread. Miyagawa is certainly one of my favorites along with Koumoto. I think Chihara has soem funny bits too, but he doesn't have as much skill as Daisuke to tell stories in a dramatic way. Daisuke always stands up and perform a real skit when he tells his stories.
greator wrote:
There's more of this?
Thank you sir!

There's a whole lot more episodes, already available in Japanese and even in HD for some. But right now i think only GodzillaRadio bothered to sub them. A pity, this is one of the most entertaining shows you can find here to my mind.
Billy Mayes says you're really cool and shi*

i'm eager to hear more from Koumoto. He literally always cracks me up.
Here's the technique i used to remember the Hiragana and Katakanas easily. Print a table with the Hira or the Kata. Also print a blank version of that table ( use paint or whatever to make it blank ) Try to remember the table, then hide it, and write as much Kanas you can remember. Bring up your tab...
Wow, i really love Suberanai Hanashi, this sounds like fun too. Thanks to you and also the sub team.
Or if you have a shitload of money, you can go for a teacher that comes to you or you come to him/her.
I did that for 2 years, definitly the best. Unfortunatly she had to leave becasue of the earthquake :/
Does anybody know how zurui split up the .avi files? For instance, could I just do a binary concatenation of all the .avi files or would I have to re-encode and re-index it? I really have no idea what you're saying but i guess a quick slap and paste in whatever video editor would male a good Full f...
I have a friend who's going to go to cinema and TV school next year. We seriously thought abotu exporting more ideas from Japan. I mean in France, a show like Suberanai Hanashi ( Matsu and other comedians sit round a table and tell funny stories of their life when the dice shows their name ) would b...