I watched a movie called The Women. Wasn't really that good but it was watchable...

I play WoW and yes it's hard to play if you are a newbie. Fortunately I have couple of friends who play too and can help me if I don't understand something. But it's really good game and very addictive(unfortunately). Only bad thing is that it's not free and if I don't have time to play, the time yo...
Haha, google translation is so bad. :)
The last sentence means that it's nice to see that other finnish people are interested in same kind of entertainment. :D
But almost right. When you try to translate japanese with it google... so wrong. :D

ja kiitos kaikille(and thanks to all) :)
Ooh, I love Big Bang Theory. :)

The last movie that I saw was The Bridesmaids and I really didn't like it that much...
It had some good parts but overall it wasn't really good so 4/10
I'm sure that I will fit in here very easily. :D
My name is Suvi and I'm from Finland.
Just found this place and I'm so excited. :hai:
I love Gaki no Tsukai!