Alright. I'm back and I want to go ahead and make all the dvd covers. If anyone feels like helping me that would be awesome. Please reply with what episode/dvd you would like made, a short description of the episode similar to what I have done with my previous dvd covers. You could even go so far as...

Its been way to long huh. I promise I will get my other hard drive plugged back in very soon with my template on it and make some more.

i am really bummed you arent putting the high quality .avi files on veoh anymore. Damn craptube!

Ive never had to watch a subtitle in a specific program to have it work correctly. You did a great job with the color formating though shadi. I might sugest having a native English speaker run through and make some corrections? Just skipping through the file I notice several spelling issues. One im ...

yea. the fonts are MASSIVE. half of the text doesnt show on my screen

why are there 2 threads for this batsu? If this one is just for chatting should it not be moved to general discussion, or merged with other existing thread?

Gaki Expert!!
You should really start subbing the new Batsu games for the rest of us, show off...

You scored 88.89% of the possible points for this test.

You did an amazing job with yer subs rupan. Sadly they are synced to a video that is harder to find / get.... not to mention more than 2 times the size of the avi. hawet just did an awesome job fitting it to a readily available video.

1. Who will be the first to receive the batsu? Everyone OUTO! 2. Who will the ignore gag be used on (first)? Tanaka 3. Who will open their desk first? Matsumoto 4. Who will laugh the most times at Jimmy Onishi? ENDO for sure. 5. Who will receive the first tai kiku? Matsumoto 6. Who will laugh at Fuj...
A little searching here on goes a long way.

[Subbed] All Episodes of 5 Rangers

you can find all episodes subbed there on veoh.

episode 1-6 are all posted in this thread

Kyoufu no Kyochan


Damn I cant believe I forgot to send you a message over on veoh biggs. I am glad ya found us though!

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Do any of you blog, vlog, have a website / portfolio? If so what are the links? I'd love to see yours guys stuff.

I just started a new one myself. Come submit a picture following this weeks theme and I will <3 you forever!

Oh im not knocking yer opinion at all. Sorry if i came off rude. I was just saying what I thought of it. I'm a huge Tanaka fan. Ive seen a few of his movies and love him in Gaki no Tsukai. This tv show just isnt for me. :-D