Is it possible to mirror the HD links to another file hoster?
I only get 5kbs from Megaupload.

Much appreciated.

Street Fighter X Tekken will probably just be Street Fighter with Tekken characters and Street Fighter gameplay.

Tekken x Street Fighter is what i'm looking forward to.

It would be great if someone could sub this, it looks very interesting.

thank you for your hardwork.

thanks for this batsu game.

Is that version good?
I think the best version was the N64 version.

I'm currently replaying Final Fantasy X because recently, new games have been boring.

Originally posted by the juggernaut I'm sorry to say this, but Halo and Gears aren't THAT good, they are average at best. I'd agree with you on Gears, but Halo is far from average. I think it's quite possibly the best console multiplayer FPS and most would agree with that. Before you burn me with t...

Originally posted by Matsuri Originally posted by MooMetal Is there some kind of check-list thing where you can check if you're an otaku or not? Otaku test Here you go Your otaku Purity Test Results You answered "yes" to 68 of 200 questions, making you 66.0% otaku pure (34.0% otaku corrupt). Your W...


It was really good.
I loved it, can't wait for the sequels.

Is there some kind of check-list thing where you can check if you're an otaku or not?

Originally posted by Mike-Sempai I own a Xbox360 & a PS3. But im not a fanboy of one of them. I just like playing games and having both is perfect for exclusives. I just got DARKSIDERS for PS3, its fun but its hard too... Besides that, im a huge HALO Fan(boy) and i cant wait for Halo: Reach! I boug...

Originally posted by suzakuryuu
Top 5 RPG in no particular order:

Tales of Phantasia <Best>
Tales of Vesperia
wild arms
brigandine (RPG tactic)
Final Fantasy VII

I loved Tales of Phantasia lol.
Also into Final Fantasy VIII and X.
Going to buy Final Fantasy XIII when it's released.

On somedays after drifting and grip racing for hours you just need to take a break because you just get tired and the time increases and drift score just starts to degenerate. I haven't been able to get above 13k drifting on Eiger Nordwand. I found a good starting car was the Subaru STI WRX Hatch. B...

Garh, i hate Bryan, he's so fast and powerful. Such a scary opponent.

As for Steve, it heavily depends on the player. I've seen some bad Steves and some great Steves, i'd say Heihachi is pretty damn cheap some times, almost threw the controller at the screen when i was playing him on ultra hard mode.

Originally posted by Erhan
Well actually its always pressing right and square, triangle and I always win with him :D

Lol, that'll only work for a while until your opponent figures out your pattern.