Endo was really close to flashing through that underwear hole.
Japanese cheeses look so weird to me. They look like rubber erasers.
I disagree and I watched the whole thing. She just had a similar voice to Rola. Also she didn't tameguchi on purpose and apologized.
Dat Matsumoto body though.
Does anyone know why it wasn't bleeped out when Tanaka said chinko? Only the text was censored.
http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/ge ... +Game+2015

Did I do this countdown right? I made it for myself but might help others too!
Oh wow Matsumoto went all Takeshi with that hair.
I felt so bad when he ate all that raw garlic and didn't even get any laughs out of it.
Aw man they really should have done individual episodes for all the regulars first. But I guess they didn't think about making this into a series then.
Yeah I don't think it's staged, Japanese celebrities (even actors) are really bad at acting and those reactions seemed real.
would you really see that many celebrities in one area is this staged? I am not sure i get these strolls....so they are looking for exile members, and have to guess their names when they see them? is that whats happening? thanks for posting this btw!! They're walking around in public places trying ...
I wonder when Japan's going to stop being such massive pricks about copyright. Like on youtube they delete everything instantly instead of slapping ads on the videos and making money off them, which would be a way to make money internationally instead of just from DVD sales inside Japan...
I wonder why Hotohara got barely any screen time even though he was a regular on Lincoln.
Am I the only one to find this ep kinda stale and not as interesting? I kinda got the same vibe. I don't think the punishment was helping things either. I think they've used the fire extinguisher like 3 times in a row now? I don't know what you're expecting. This is the 36th episode of kiki so of c...
What was the third sport he said he enjoys? I have no idea what that means. I know he said baseball and golf, but what's the third one?