One of my favourite parts every year is the scary parts, so I like the idea of like, a haunted mansion all night for all the members. I think that would be funny. I hope they kind of call it quits with some of the yearly things like Yamasaki getting slapped and stuff, I found it hilarious the first ...
tabris wrote:
Katrina, kuh-TREE-nuh

Uhh I wouldn't recommend naming anyone Katrina. Brings up a negative image in people's minds.

Thanks so much for the subs! They were really fantastic.

Can't wait for next year! x3

The warning scared me, so now I don't know if I wanna watch it, lmao!

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This is me. :)

Your hair looks awesome! :inlove:


Oh thank you very much!
Pink and blonde is fun, but it's a pain to maintain xD

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The drunk comedienne (can't remember her name)

Hanako Yamada.

Thanks :D

Well, I have too many to mention, but since I'm watching the high school game again a couple from that: The english class. Yamasaki making Tanaka laugh over and over with the "Dankan" thing. Itao's "wife" dancing to Madonna. The drunk comedienne (can't remember her name) Those were all hilarious par...

I get so happy every time I see a Downtown clip with Gackt, since I am a mega huge fan of both.
So cute x3

I've never heard of this segment before, it was too funny!
Thanks so much for subbing, and for your hard work!!

(There were a couple typos here and there, but it didn't detract from being able to understand it, or anything. I'm not complaining by any means, just giving you a heads up :) )

Haha that's really cute he just kept peeling them xD

This is me. :)

Aw Hamada looked really great in the second round. I like that outfit.
Haha Matsumoto had to pick the most adorable looking bear costume ever. Not very dangerous looking xD

The last movie I watched was Chicago, cause it's one of my faves and I never get tired of it. 9/10 The last recently releasedmovie I saw was District 9. It was really violent so I watched most of it from behind my hand, but I thought the story was nice, and enjoyed the plot. 8/10 Just wish there was...

Oh man I could watch Hamada do drawings for hours! My stomach would hurt so bad from laughing though. lol so hilarious!
Originally posted by MinorInfection I can't sub the actual episodes, but I can post the translation of the items they are cooking with. I can post it right in the topics, if you at least want that. I'll do it as soon as a mod gives me the green light. I'd love to see the whole episodes subbed too, ...